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2010 Childrens program

Thanks to everyone who came along to Linsey Pollak's - Passing Wind, a one man show - a fresh take on wind and the creation of instruments from everyday objects, such as the washing glove bagpipe or the carrot clarinet.
Current we don't have any other events planned for 2010.  In fact we are reworking how we produce shows, as we are moving towards more of a partnership model.

If you want to keep in touch please join our mailing list.  Top right of page please.
We also have a music program, where we always aim to have access all ages entry.

Thanks to everyone who came along and joined us at Lah-Lah's Adventures in 2009.  We had such great feedback.  Its always a pleasure to present such terrific artists.

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Should you wish to visit the Sydney Childrens Festival at Carriageworks please click here

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