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Linsey Pollak - Passing Wind @ the Powerhouse Museum
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Thanks to everyone who came to the show at the Powerhouse Museum.  As expected it was awesome, Linsey is such a talent.  The show is now making its way to Europe for a season at the end of the year.

Linsey Pollak's Passing Wind. 

Passing Wind" is a quirky look at how wind instruments work and how they are invented using some pretty unexpected materials. You'll see Membrane reeds from balloons and rubber gloves, gradually developing into the Foonki and also the Kitchen glove bagpipe. There are panpipes from irrigation pipe, harmonic flutes, Turkish chanters, feather duster, watering can and  carrot clarinets,  and you'll even get to hear Mr Curly (a contra-bass clarinet made from garden hose). Many of these instruments are made as you watch. Live looping is used to build funky pieces by recording different layers of sound plus the addition of Kaossilator grooves and kalimba patterns.

This show is interactive with Linsey chatting to the audience and fascinating both children and adults as he creates new instruments during the performance.

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