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Adrian Klumpes
places + Spaces presented Adrian Klumpes piano solo

Adrian plays exquisitely beautiful, yet thoughtful and haunting music.  Known for his performances with Triosk, as a solo artist Adrian is able to explore sounds and space in a moving and memorable way.  Truly a unique talent for our time.
"The piano is surrounded by sweeping and swooping rushes of metallic scything, needling stutters and trebly sustains. The title track plays with reverberant space, exaggerating the piano's interior presence as Klumpes sets out his cyclic patterns. The suspended clusters of the extended "Unrest" make a harmonious ascendance; the brief "Why" comes as an immediate shock, with its ratcheting spurts, all internal resonance, with little left of the actual notes. The cumulative swells of "Give In" recall Robert Fripp and Brian Eno's collaborations; and the concluding "Passing Pain" once again returns to those familiar arpeggio accumulations, nurturing an enjoyable sense of flotation." MARTIN LONGLEY - THE WIRE

"...stirring compositions, vibrant and affecting a multitude of different listener emotions... Be Still balances the deepest depths of darkened corners and all the horrors that may or may not lie within them with the most stunning sunlight-through-clouds flashes of uplifting mood music heard in a long while. Its true beauty lies in the fact that such unique instrumental music is sure to be interpreted wholly differently from individual to individual... Although only one instrument, albeit a flexible one, is used to create Be Still, it’s an album of amazing depth and possesses a lot of longevity..." MIKE DIVER - DROWNED IN SOUND
Adrian Klumpes
"Beneath the beauty lies an unnerving underside" - CHIP MIDNIGHT, new-noise.net

Other concerts in the series

Friday 2 October, 2009 - Tina Harrod in music @ the factory.
Thursday 15th October 2009 - Australian Art Orchestra, Into the Fire, a fusion of Indian music and jazz @ the the Factory (tbc)
Friday 27th November - Taikoz/Topology/Karak,  Japanese drumming, the Australian Way and the talents of Topology, one of the foremost contemporary music ensembles and Karak @ the Enmore Theatre

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