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Kristin Berardi
Places + Spaces presented Kristin Berardi Band in music @ the factory
Wednesday April 2nd, 2008

Thanks to everyone who came along to the gig.
Kristin berardi
Becoming known the warmth and honesty of voice and style, she just won the Freedman Fellowship and last year she won the Montreaux vocal award.  Kristin is definitely worth checking out, it is a joy to hear her sing.  She will perform with her septet featuring Mike Nock on piano, James Muller guitar, Mike Majkowski, bass, Tim Firth, drums and David Theak on tenor sax.

"Kristin Berardi is a very special musician whose voice has a quality of exquisite beauty. This seems to come from deep with the sound of her voice, from the soul if you like. When she sings there is no hint of the all too common 'cultivated' sound, but things which embody the best qualities in a musician, the most important apart from the most musical one, being honesty and integrity."
 Tony Gould, Australian Pianist

“Upon first hearing Kristin Berardi's voice i was instantly transfixed with her beautiful natural tone,  incredible sense of pitch and great feel and groove. On stage, her luminous personality shines through and endears her to her audience easily. Also a gifted composer and instrumentalist, Kristin is a true musician in every sense of the word and for that reason I believe she is one of our finest singers and is destined for great things.” 
Katie Noonan, vocalist ‘george‘

Kristin Berardi
Kristin Berardi - Vocal/Compositions
Mike Nock - Piano - Grand piano provided courtesy of Kawai
James Muller - Guitar
Mike Majkowski - Bass
Tim Firth - Drums
David Theak - Tenor Sax

Visit Kristin's site http://www.kristinberardi.com/ to hear more

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