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In 2007 Ceres partnered with Performing Lines to create Sound Travellers, a national touring for sound art/electronica, improvised jazz and contemporary classical music.  Over 45,000 people attended a Sound Travellers supported event. Download the final report

This project was supported by the Australia Council.  At the conclusion of the project at the end of 2010, we supported over 56 tours around the country and infrastructure programs to support Refraction, a touring circuit with New Weird, exploring a looping festival, Cockatoo Calling, the Sculthorpe Songbook and a Viva la Gong tour.

Video from the Vampires during a Sound Travellers Tour.

SOUND TRAVELLERS concludes after three hugely successful years of taking contemporary music on a roadtrip around our nation, covering every State and Territory in our wide brown land.  We have formed new networks, new partnerships and created new opportunities for Australian artists.  Whilst the tyranny of distance is an omnipresent elephant in the room,  we have broken through these barriers and been instrumental in shaping the future of new Australian music and broadening its reach.

By the end of 2010, Sound Travellers supported over 53 tours, visiting more than 57 destinations covering every State and Territory in the country. Over 300 artists will have been touched by our touring program and special projects.
Some of the artists who have toured with the help of Sound Travellers include Misinterprotato, who have not only developed their national, but have also been able to build an international touring circuit and profile, assisting Ensemble Offspring gain a reputation as a national new music ensemble and developing a highly visible regular sound art event, Refraction, in partnership with UTS.  Not to mention the incredibly talented and critically acclaimed artists who have been part of this process from PVT (formerly known as Pivot), to Topology, Room 40, Liquid Architecture, Sandy Evans Trio and The Vampires (full details of all artists below)

For those who were unable to physically attend a performance, we broadened the reach of new music through our compilation CD’s which went far and wide through the community Radio network, ABC and to overseas Festival programmers and contemporary music associations. 

Set up in 2007, Sound Travellers has been a unique project funded by the Australia Council’s Music Board to support artists in the promotion and national touring of improvised music covering sound art/electronica, jazz and contemporary classical music. Through annual grants and special projects, Sound Travellers has helped artists cover national touring expenses (travel, accommodation, etc) as well as helping with marketing, promotion and publicity. The program also has a number of legacy projects that will continue to build upon the strong networks established over the last three years. The Sound Travellers project has been managed as a partnership between Performing Lines and Ceres Solutions.

In three years Sound Travellers tours will have attracted well over to 40,000 audience members who have left their lounge rooms to see, hear and experience some of the finest contemporary music this country has to offer. During its tenure a strong, vibrant network of venues, artists, audiences and commentators has flourished under the Sound Travellers umbrella. Sound Travellers also issued two excellent compilation CDs showcasing music by its touring artists.
“Sadly we are officially announcing the conclusion of the Sound Travellers grant program at the end of 2010.  This was initially a two-year project, extended by a year. We are extremely proud of our successes and the possibilities the program has opened up,” says Director Joanne Kee. “Unfortunately despite our achievements, the special projects funding cycle which bought it into existence has come to an end.
“Nevertheless we know that we have made a significant difference, creating so many new partnerships and artistic possibilities.  We have bought new audiences (in significant numbers) to these musical genres and opened up doors to larger venues and Festivals.   We have also set up some pilot partnerships and supported infrastructure projects where we hope our seed investment will make a difference. These include Refraction, a sound-art partnership with UTS and the City of Sydney; a New Weird Touring Circuit; a pilot concert series on Sydney’s Cockatoo Island; a Looping Festival; Other Music Genres travelling Festival and The Sculthorpe Songbook project.” [Details below] We will also continue to maintain the Sound Travellers website and e-news and support artists with advice wherever we can.”

Refraction, partnership with UTS and the City of Sydney developed to offer more performance opportunities for interstate artists to perform in Sydney and support and assist with the promotion of a regular sound art venue. Emphasis on performance as well as unique mentoring opportunities for emerging artists. 

Cockatoo Calling, is a pilot series of free concerts on Cockatoo Island showcasing local and interstate Australian improvised music.

New Weird Music touring circuit has supported the research and development of a touring circuit for sound art, which will result in a regional tour with a mixed bill curated by Stuart Buchanan.

Looping Festival Sound Travellers has supported Linsey Pollak in the research, curation and development of a new music festival concept based on “looping”.  This project is focussed on being a touring festival which will commence in 2011, with artists from a range of locations around Australia such as Tjuperru and Mr Percival.
http://www.linseypollak.com   http://soundtravellers.com.au/specialprojects/loopingfestival/ TO CONFIRM WHICH WEBSITE TO USE JUST CHECKING WITH LINSEY

Other Musical Genres Festival pilot project to support a contemporary music touring festival in partnership with Brisbane Powerhouse, ANAM (Australian National Academy of Music) and the band Topology. In 2010 this took place in Brisbane and Melbourne and included artists Topology, Eddie Perfect, musicians from ANAM and the Brodsky Quartet. 

Publicity resource for artists, a guide to publicity and marketing was produced for this sector and is available online.  Sound Travellers has also provided media and venue lists to artists on request.

Sculthorpe Songbook An exciting project with highly acclaimed artists Phil Slater and Matt McMahon  among others reinterpreting the work of their former teacher and mentor Peter Sculthorpe.  The project is being developed with Artistic Director, Patrick Nolan to create a musical performance piece to be presented at major festivals and venues.

What’s been said about Sound Travellers:
“The support from Sound Travellers went beyond just financial.  They helped in every way to make our tour a success and really understood what was needed to make a tour happen.” Mace Francis band leader/composer MFO,

 “One of the problems that jazz ensembles face in Australia is that the size of the country and the cost of travel make it very hard to develop an ensemble through touring and intensive performance. The Sound Travellers program makes a positive step in the right direction,” says Adrian Jackson, Artistic Director of the Wangaratta Jazz Festival and member of Sound Travellers’ artistic advisory panel.

 “We were Sydney based until Sound Travellers.  Last year we had gigs all over the country.  The language changed, Andrew Ford (composer, ABC broadcaster) describes Ensemble Offspring as a national new music ensemble.” Damien Ricketson, Artistic Director, Ensemble Offspring

‘The tours I have done with Sound Travellers have been well organised and promoted and have resulted in a big jump in the profile of our group. This has in turn led to offers of overseas festivals and other performance opportunities…Touring is one of the most important activities any band can undertake both in terms of developing markets and in developing the music itself.” Peter Knight, band leader/composer Way out West

“Only Sound Travellers provides a friendly front-end interface with the artist after the funding is in place including valuable advice and direct promotional support. This distinguishes Sound Travellers from the rest and makes it a very special program for my own genre – jazz fusion - and I’m sure all other genres too.” Mark Isaacs, pianist/composer Mark Isaacs Resurgence Band

Artists who have been supported by Sound Travellers include Anonymeye, Clocked out Duo, Ambrose Chapel, The Escalators, The Vampires, Misinterprotato, Speak Percussion and Antripodean Collective.  
Pivot (now known as PVT), Adrian Klumpes and Shoeb Ahmad, the Austin Benjamin Trio, Keijzer McGuiness Quintet, Ross Bolleter, Triad, Mark Isaacs Resurgence Band, Liquid Architecture sponsoring Joel Stern, West End Composers Collective, Trio Apoplectic, Topology, Panoptique Electrical, Camilla Hanna, Thembi Soddell & Eamon Sprod, Ensemble Offspring at the Totally Huge Festival - TURA, Tom Vincent quartet, Alex Masso & Peter Farrar, Jim Denley, Ben Byrne, Natasha Anderson, Amanda Stewart, Dale Gorfinkel, Robbie Avenaim, Greg Taw/Adam Trainer, Lawrence English, Nat Bates, Alex White & Jaques Soddell & others, Tom Hall, Jon Tjhia and Alex Nosek, Various artists - Room 40, IHOS, Colin Offord, Mace Francis Orchestra, Way Out West, The  Scrapes, The  Aphids, Clocked Out Duo, Speak Percussion, The Escalators, The Vampires, Roil, Sandy Evans Trio, Tom O'Halloran, Antripodean Collective, Misinterprotato, TURA, Jon Rose & Hollis, Mumblespeak, Ambrose Chapel, Anonymeye and Decibel

Click here if you would like to read our final report.  Sound Travellers Final report
Or visit the Sound Travellers website - www.soundtravellers.com.au

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